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"Your jewelry is like a first impression of your personality."

Can you tell us a bit about your work in fashion?

I think that I inherited it from my mom. I remember her to always be stylish. One year ago I decided to transfer my love for fashion into a more professional way, to share my fashion ideas, my daily outfits etc. and I created a name and my blog Tendance Hunter, what I still work on and keep developing. The most pleasant part of my work is communication with brands and showing items/products to my community. I love it.

Abelstedt model on a street

Every day I have a pile of projects which never let me get bored. That is kind of my own motivation to achieve everything I'm dreaming about. I expect probably in the near future to move to Paris and continue working in commercial real estate and keep doing my fashion blog at the same time.

Why France? And what is your favorite city in France?

I honestly prefer more bigger cities than my current one, but I'm absolutely charmed by Metz. The best thing about living in France is enjoying the life in the city by noticing the small details: like a cup of coffee in the morning with a fresh baked croissant, the view of the marvelous architecture, cute tiny restaurants, meeting with friends on restaurants terraces etc.

I never felt so sensitive for small details like here. These small things really help you to sometimes just slow down and to start enjoying your life without any hurry. I could count about 20 favorite cities in France like Deauville, Metz (and it’s not ‘cause I live here), Bordeaux, Cannes, Saint-Malo, Lille, Strasbourg… but my favorite will always be Paris as I mentioned since I always prefer the big cities with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional reasons.

Selfie in mirror wearing a ring

How would you define your style?

I have a changeable character which influence on my style, but I like staying elegant and chic, whatever I’m wearing. Even by wearing a sports jacket or sneakers you can stay elegant. I love vintage-inspired items from the 70s-80s. It brings you a kind of special signature.

How do you match your jewelry with this style?

Accessories and jewelry take an important place in my style. I'm used to paying attention on the details. The jewelry you wear is like a first impression of your personality. It’s like a hidden message to the person in front of you about yourself. I always go for jewelry that I find kind of mystic. I’m not the sort of person who prefer simple or discrete jewelry. I prefer a piece of jewelry that “tells something about itself and me”. It could be jewelry with an old history, chain-designed jewelry, religion-inspired pendants etc.

Abelstedt model

I’m obsessed with colorful stones… that’s why the Abelstedt Coral ring is my favorite. I’m absolutely in love with its aesthetic design and the yellow stones.

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