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Getaway to the Danish Countryside

Abelstedt jewelry on the countryside

My definition of summer is not always just beaches and sunshine. Living in Denmark makes the summer weather unpredictable, but I love the smell of warm summer dew in the mornings and the cozy indoor "hygge" as we say in Denmark. I love the raw country look to get a little contrast to the sparkly jewelry of mine.

I love jewelry that has a bold look and gives a nice edge to the raw outfit but also jewelry that is compatible to wear. Such jewelry includes light-weighted hoops with a gentle fit that allow for easy movement so I can enjoy all the special moments each day brings without wearing heavy earrings. Constantly switching between working and enjoying the summer in the countryside means shifting from sitting at my computer, going to picnic, digging in the garden, or going for a long walk with the dogs.

Even with the increased activity during my vacation, I’m still choosing to wear my Oxford rings as always. Even though you're on vacation you can still fix the boring clothes with just the right amount of jewelry. The Oxford gold emerald eternity ring with a lot of sparkly stones is really commutable to wear even though it looks like an evening/going out ring. The ring is comfortable to wear with a few extra band rings.

Julie Abelstedt in the woods
Close up of hand wearing jewelry
Tipi and horse

Denim Has Always Been an Every Day Symbol for Style. So Should Your Jewelry.

Rings on hand with jeans

A ring stack can be so unique and personal, and the reason why I love this stack is that it's perfect for both day and evening. The rings are neutral even though they have so much sparkle. And, the gold edges (bezel setting) makes them bolder.

Sparkly jewelry never runs out of style. Your favorite pieces are just like a good pair of favorite jeans.

Recipe for My Favorite Danish Dessert

Apple cake

Apple porridge

300 g apples, peeled and cut into small cubes
30 g sugar
1 pinch vanilla powder
1 dl water
1 pinch of cinnamon
1 pinch crushed cardamom


10 macaroons, preferably homemade

Whipped cream

2 dl whipped cream

Apple porridge for the apple cake

Put apple cubes, water, spices, and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Stir it through a few times along the way.

Allow it to cool completely.

Tip: the spices can be omitted, but they give a wonderful taste to the apples.

Crush the macaroons a little until they are in suitable pieces.

Whip the cream to a fluffy whipped cream.

Put the cooled apple porridge in a large bowl or in a serving glass. Sprinkle a layer of macaroons over and top with whipped cream.

Julie Abelstedt with dog

I hope you all enjoy the summer and remember that the rainy summer days can be just as comfy and fun as the sunny ones.


A sparkling thank you for reading.

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