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Crafting an Abelstedt piece

Abelstedt's jewelry go through an advanced design process from drawing to finished creation.

Ring crafting

Since the beginning of establishing the company, Abelstedt has strived to create the most precious jewelry. This obligation drives the philosophy behind Abelstedt's craftsmanship and the company works its best to give you a lasting piece sparkling for many years.

Collecting a Sahara necklace

Step 1 - Design

At Abelstedt we make sure to set the standard for the most ultimately fine looks. Abelstedt strives for the high-end look in every single design.

Every creation of an Abelstedt piece begins with a draft done by hand in a detailed design. This makes it possible for our skilled graphic designers to comprehend and pass on every detail in an illustrated 3D model (CAD).

Crafting an Abelstedt silver ring

Step 2 - Creation

After the design process, a mould is constructed from the CAD and sketch. All of Abelstedt's pieces are made of the precious metal, sterling silver (925) or 14-18 carat gold or white gold.

After the mould has been adjusted, it is polished to create a shiny surface which is further plated with rhodium. The sparkling stones are inserted with a steady hand. Every stone is glued and thereafter set in a way most appropriate for the design which makes sure that the stone is safely in its place.

Crafting a gold plated silver necklace

Step 3 - Last Adjustment

After every detail on the jewelry carefully has been examined, each piece is quality tested to make sure that it is living up to Abelstedt's philosophy about thorough craftsmanship. The piece is laser engraved with the Abelstedt trademark as well as 925 or 14-18K to indicate the highest quality standard of the jewelry foundation.

The piece then leaves the workshop to be presented with joy and astonishment by designer, to craftsman, to you.

A sparkling thank you for reading.

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