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There are two rings that are most significant when it comes to marking special events—namely your engagement ring and your wedding ring (also called wedding band). These two rings are a symbol of love in your marriage but it can be a bit difficult to navigate how to wear them properly. Therefore, I thought I would write this short guide since many of my friends have asked me how to wear the two rings correctly. It's pretty simple, actually.

Which Finger Do Your Wedding and Engagement Rings Go On?

When you're engaged, you should wear your engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand, also called the ring finger. Some couples simply choose to only get a wedding ring at the ceremony but the most traditional (and probably also most American way) is that the man proposes to the woman by going down on one knee and asking if she wants to marry him. If she says "yes", the engagement ring should be placed on the left ring finger.´

I have read a little about the history of why that is.

The reason why the engagement ring must be worn on the left ring finger can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire where it was believed that a vein went from your ring finger all the way to your heart. Although this has been disproved, it's still a tradition that, of course, carries a sweet thought. Women (and modern men) wear their engagement rings on the left ring finger until the wedding day. When the vows are given or the ceremony is complete, the wedding ring is put on the ring finger at the innermost (closest to the heart) and the engagement ring is set on top of the wedding ring on the same finger.

So if you see that a guy or girl has a ring on the left finger that either looks like an engagement ring or a wedding ring, they are most likely taken and in a relationship. However, if they instead have rings on the right hand or one of the other fingers, I say "go for it", haha!

I hope this guide helped you and your better half.


A sparkling thank you for reading.

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