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Vineyards and Elegant Jewelry looks

Close up of hand with rings in gold plated sterling silver

On my trip to Switzerland I brought all of my favorite go-to travel jewelry that go along perfectly with the beautiful nature and landscape in the stunning country.

Some of the stacking pieces I've worn a lot are the Abelstedt A ring and the Oxford band ring. They feel timeless and compliment any outfit. This summer I'm especially loving jewelry with a bolder look that is comfortable to wear. Even with the increased activity during my time here in Switzerland, I’m still choosing to wear my Oxford rings as always. Even though you're on vacation you can still fix the boring clothes with just the right amount of jewelry.

I love to have a lot of different jewelry to play around with and stack together in beautiful and sparkling ways. Going on vacation I always try to bring simple and sparkling jewelry that can be worn on its own for a simple and classy look but which can also be put together for a more sophisticated and beautiful look. Whether I wake up seeking a romantic, classy feel, something sophisticated and feminine, or even a comfortable and casual look, I know I can create any look I desire by artfully stacking the different jewelry I always carry by my side. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy every moment of my beautiful vacation here in Switzerland knowing that no matter what I'll be doing, I always have the perfect jewelry for every look and adventure.

Flora earrings held up in the air

Timeless Designs for a Day in the Vineyards

Abelstedt A bracelets in gold plated sterling silver

One of my favorite jewelry compositions is to stack gold and yellow stoned jewelry for a timeless and classy look.

At our lovely visit in the vineyards I stacked some of my favorite bracelets, the Abelstedt A bangle and the Sahara bracelet, for a more bright and sophisticated expression to complete my whole look. As i always say: The right pieces of jewelry can add the finishing touch to any simple outfit.

Summer Sparkle and Joy

Julie Abelstedt sitting by the water

Even though this summer is unlike any other usual summer, I ended up having a lovely time with some of my beloved ones around me.

I have carried my beautiful sparkling jewelry throughout the entire summer and they now hold a lot of new lovable memories for this very special summer.

I hope your summer has been full of love and lots of sparkle.

Lots of love,

A sparkling thank you for reading.

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