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Beautiful Janne is a true Abelstedt girl. Hear her story up close and personal and her perception of what Abelstedt means to her.

"I want my style to be different, stand out and reflect my personality. And my personality is very feminine."

Janne's background in the fashion industry contributes to her constant search for inspiration. This infuses everything into what she does with her unique creativity, whether its working with fashion in her work or on her personal hobbies and occupations.

Abelstedt model on a horse

With an unyielding strength of character, Janne finds inspiration in nature on a horse back and the calming optimism it conjures within her. She has been riding and working with horses ever since she was a little girl and have won several trophies and awards for her remarkable accomplishments in dressage.

Why do you love to work with horses?

I have a very elegant side to me which in many ways is supported by a quite robust part. This is why I love to work with horses. The horse is such an elegant creature and meanwhile signifies significant strength. While they have the sweetest mind and the most beautiful appearance, you still express some kind of reverence when working close to a horse.

Can you elaborate on your personal style?

I just love everything feminine, and especially of the brighter colors. I basically work around the beige color and let the rest of my style reflect on what fits into the giving moment or occasion.

Rings on hands

And is your style reflected in the jewelry you wear?

Well, I obviously associate jewelry with something that is extremely personal on another level not found anywhere else in fashion. Jewelry to me has a lot to do with love. You just cherish your jewelry so much more when given to you by someone you love - this includes your family or just someone close to you. With that said, I have bought a lot of my jewelry myself during my single times, haha.

What are your most treasured moments with Abelstedt?

Every one of my Abelstedt rings represent different periods in my life, just like chapters in a book. Each ring mostly holds the memory of when I got it. I try to wear as many of my Abelstedt rings as I can, depending on the occasion. In this way, I almost feel like I walk around with my life diary on my hands.

A sparkling thank you for reading.

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