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"I wear my Abelstedt rings in my daily life - so I’m an Abelstedt girl all day every day."

Sandra lives in beautiful Munich and works as a project manager in Digital Communications & Marketing and besides as a Blogger & Influencer. She enjoys long walks in the forest, to travel, and of course, she loves everything sparkling and feminine.

My two most favorite destinations are Dubai and Mauritius. Dubai is such a fascinating and amazing city where you can combine a city trip and beach holidays in one.

I’m so in love with all the oriental details but at the same time the modern buildings and technologies. Everyone who is visiting Dubai should do a trip to the desert – you’re feeling so free in the endless sand dunes. I also had the most amazing sunset evening in the desert of Dubai.

I have been to Dubai 6 times now and I can’t get enough! I fall in love with the city again and again.

Abelstedt model

Mauritius is also my favorite travel destination because of its beautiful nature. The jungle and rain forest with all its animals, plants and waterfalls are just breathtaking. You can explore so much and there are so many great activities to do! In Mauritius two dreams came true for me: swimming with wild dolphins and horse riding at the beach. I really had the most amazing holidays in Mauritius and can’t wait to be back one day.

Abelstedt rings with lipstick
Abelstedt model outside

Can you tell us a bit about your work as an influencer in Munich? What is the best thing about your day? In which way do you see yourself as an Abelstedt girl?
Working as an Influencer really makes me happy because you get to know so many people. I found my best friends via Instagram on via an event, so it’s not only something digital. I also love to be creative and put upsetting for shooting products. My community is so great with all their lovely messages and comments. I really like to interact with all of them and being an inspiration – no matter if about fashion, traveling or the normal daily life.

I really loooooove everything that sparkles and is girly. I think you can see that with just one click on my Instagram Account.

So it was love at first sign when I first saw the Abelstedt rings. All Abelstedt collections fit perfectly with my style. There is no single ring I don’t like. So I’m totally identified with Abelstedt.

I wear my Abelstedt rings in my daily life - so I’m an Abelstedt girl all day every day.

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