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Anastasia used to be a professional swimmer from since she can remember. She’s still competing but not training as hard as in the past because she wants to focus on getting her degree in entrepreneurship management. Recently, she started a new chapter in her life by taking yoga and pilates classes.

Swimmer interview

What did you gain from your career in professional swimming?

What I gained from all those years of professional swimming are the keys that made me different from all others at my age. It takes discipline, focus, commitment, good time management skills and most importantly, patience. You have to be passionate about it and at the same time stay humble. The goal in my life is to always find something to be passionate about it and then go ahead and do it. Now I’m passionate with living a healthy lifestyle and completing my studies.

What is your number one favorite thing about living in Greece?

I would say definitely the weather. It’s amazing how the sun appears in the weirdest cold days. Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin”, is in abundance here in Greece. I swim in an open pool and I enjoy the sun both in the winter and the summer days.

Abelstedt ring in a box outside

What are you most proud of regarding your career as a professional swimmer?

It’s very difficult to select a specific race or competition I took part in that I’m proud of. So many races all these years, so many competitions nationally and internationally. I would definitely say that the greatest experience was my competition at the World Junior Open Water championship in lake Balaton, Hungary (participated for 7.5k swimming).

Another momentous accomplishment was that I won the Greek nationals for 1 fragment of a second - A very difficult race and because in the finishing line the competitor chose to look at me will finishing and I chose to look at the finish line. “Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.”

Do you have some goals for 2019?

Of course I have goals for 2019. I keep a journal every day and at the beginning of each year I set some goals and steps to achieve them so I can keep track of everything I want and at the end of the year check how many goals I did achieve.

Although, I’m more a doer rather than a talker, I will reveal you one of my goals for this year.

The goal is to face a fear. Okay, it’s a little general, but it’s more like fear of heights. I want this year to do skydiving or bungee jumping.

Abelstedt model

How would you define your style?

I have more of a classy lady style. I like straight lines in my clothes, special fabrics and glowing accessories. I usually wear total black outfits which I love and I would focus more on the jewelry, the bag, and the shoes. I call it syndrome of Jebash, haha. I’m actually addicted to anything that is glowing and shines.

What made you fall in love with Abelstedt and why is the Oxford Oval Halo your favorite ring?

As said, I’m addicted to anything that is glowing, but Abelstedt rings are not only this. Each ring has its own unique story. My story implies with the Oxford Oval Halo ring. I believe that it is a blessing when you realize how much you love yourself. The Oxford Oval Halo ring is a way to express to myself the repentance I feel. I’m talking about love of oneself. This ring is unique and it will last forever as the unconditional love I have for myself. This ring is a promise that I won’t ever give up loving and respect myself.

I encourage others to appreciate their own uniqueness and work on being in love with the person in the mirror.

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