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Is there any better way to start off your day than with a sparkling rooftop breakfast in sunny Copenhagen along with your favorite jewelry?! We think not! At our beautiful Abelstedt brunch we brought some of our favorite jewelry to make the morning sparkle even more!

Eye-catching Statement Sparkle

Close up of rings on a hand

At the Abelstedt brunch in wonderful Copenhagen, we created an eye-catching statement look with the stunning Sahara iconic necklace and the Oxford iconic ring. These beautiful jewelry pieces go along with almost everything and can be dressed for any occasion. And best of all, we will assure you that they will make any day sparkle!

Smiling girls on a rooftop wearing jewelry
Hand with jewelry reading newspaper
Necklaces in sterling silver

Abelstedt’s Marketing Manager, Janne

Hi dear Abelstedt family - Janne here!

I’m beyond happy to announce that I’m the new marketing manager of Abelstedt. I have been so excited about becoming a part of the sparkling world of Abelstedt and I cannot wait to get started!

Collage of Abelstedt jewelry model

Sunny Copenhagen and Summer Jewelry

Close up of heart shaped necklace in silver

Summer in Copenhagen is absolutely amazing! The city is alive day and night, people are happy, and the summer nights are endless! Warm summer days are about having fun with the people you love and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

This summer we have especially been loving the elegant and girly sweetheart necklace.

Bold and Blended

Three Abelstedt bangles in silver

Here at Abelstedt, we have spent this outstanding summer with long summer nights at the beach, BBQ with friends and family, and of course a lot of fun during our sunny rooftop brunches with the Abelstedt family.

We have spent the entire summer with some of our personal summers go-to jewelry and the timeless statement bangles that can make you feel complete any summer day.

Abelstedt Oxford earrings with marquise cut stones

Dazzling Poolside Favorites

Rings on hand by the pool

Summer equals poolside fun, cold drinks, and of course lots of sparkles!

Who says you can’t sparkle and feel amazing when it comes to hanging around the pool on a warm summer day? The dazzling Oxford Eternity ring stacks perfectly with any other rings from your collection and goes along beautifully with the blue sparkling water.

As we say at Abelstedt: always remember to stay hydrated and stay sparkling!

Summer Cheers

Rings on hand holding glass of champagne

These were only a few of our personal summer recommendations and a little glance of what summer in Copenhagen feels like. We hope your summer has been full of sparkle and magical times with your friends and family!

Always remember to fill your life with love, laughter, and lots of sparkles! In the meantime, stay safe and take care


A sparkling thank you for reading.

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