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"Being a creative mind, I am always seeking for new adventures."

As the daughter of two fashion designers, fashion has always been a big part of Theresa’s life . It quickly turned into her biggest passion and she decided to make one of her biggest dreams come true by opening up her own fashion label, THEBLONDISH by Theresa Schiffhauer, in collaboration with her parents’ brand, Schiffhauer Munich. Meanwhile, she runs her fashion, beauty and travel blog. Theresa is a true Abelstedt girl!

Abelstedt model from the back

I am a total globetrotter and love exploring the beautiful places and cultures all over the world. I am originally from Munich, Germany but just moved to Brisbane, Australia. Since I met my boyfriend the first time I traveled to Australia, which was back in 2016 and it was kind of a love on first sight thing, we decided to go where it all started when we first met. Brisbane. I really must say I did lose my heart in two ways.

Two Abelstedt rings in a ring box
Abelstedt model with a ring

What is the best thing about living in Australia?

First of all, obviously my boyfriend, but secondly, also because of the beautiful country itself. Australia is just such a stunning place. The beaches are the prettiest I have ever seen and the people are just so lovely. You really feel like you’re living in your little love bubble.

But also, I really love the fashion here. In Australia, you can find so many cute little unique boutiques. I totally love that. And how can I forget: The weather is just amazing all year long.

Jewelry model on beach

I am so in love with jewelry - but which girl isn’t? My favorite pieces are rings. When I came across Abelstedt rings, I just told myself, “omg these rings are the most beautiful I have ever seen”. I always wanted to have a pear shaped diamond ring. It just looks so classy and it fits to everything.

That’s why I chose the Oxford ring with a pear cut center stone. I am wearing that beautiful ring almost every day and just looking at it makes me so happy. Jewelry was always something I loved but I didn’t know that it could make you feel that good by wearing it. And you know what‘s the best? I guess my boyfriend knows now what ring brand I would love the most for a proposal.

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