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Find the perfect symbol of your love with a wedding ring from Abelstedt. We offer both specially designed wedding rings in addition to an already large existing selection. Discover a large selection of eternity rings, alliance rings and other classic wedding rings. Each ring is handmade according to your wishes in width, depth, and style. If you can't find a ring that suits your needs, please contact us at and get a non-binding offer on exactly the design you have in mind.

Here are our most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying a wedding ring.

What Is a Wedding Ring?

A wedding ring is the ring that two partners give each other when they say ‘yes’ to each other. This is at a wedding ceremony which usually takes place in a church but can of course also take place elsewhere.

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

There is no right or wrong amount when it comes to buying a wedding ring. The engagement ring is in most cases the ring on which more money is spent. But the following three factors should determine the ballpark amount for your wedding rings (and the engagement ring as well).

  • Your budget
  • Your common expectations for the rings
  • The significance of the rings

Wedding rings are two very personal rings for the couple whose love they symbolize. It's therefore impossible to attach an exact figure of what they should cost.

Who Should Be Responsible for Buying the Wedding Rings?

Who's responsible for buying the wedding rings—the bride or groom? Most often, the couple buys their wedding rings together. Or they give each other their wedding ring as a gift or as a kind of surprise. You can also each pay for your own wedding ring and buy it on your own.

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings can cost up to 20% less when purchased from an online jewelry retailer than from a traditional jewelry store. Online jewelry retailers have fewer fixed costs, fewer middlemen, and they therefore pass these savings on to you in the form of a more affordable price.

Is It Disrespectful to your Partner Not to Wear Your Wedding Ring Every Day?

Some married couples do not have wedding rings at all. As long as that's what the couple has internally agreed on, it's not a problem. If a married partner removes their ring to intentionally indicate that they're not married when they are, the marriage has bigger problems and the ring itself is the smallest of them.

Do You Still Wear Your Engagement Ring When You Are Married?

In most Western countries, brides wear their engagement ring and their wedding ring together when they're married (both are worn on the left ring finger).

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring When Walking Down the Aisle?

Traditionally, the bride wears her engagement ring on her left ring finger as she walks down the aisle. The wedding ring is placed in her hand during the ceremony so that the "blessed" ring can be close to her heart. Only when the ceremony is about to be over does she put the wedding ring next to the engagement ring and the man puts on his ring at the same time.

Should You Sleep with Your Wedding Ring On?

The weight of your body against your hand can reshape your ring over time and can loosen the stones as the prongs can jerk. This can be an expensive problem, so avoid the potential nightmare and leave your ring on the bedside table at night.

Should I Buy a Wedding Ring in Silver or Gold?

Whether you want a wedding ring in silver or gold can be difficult to decide. Silver usually stays as beautiful as white gold. Therefore, choose according to which ring you think is the most beautiful and suits you best. If, on the other hand, you want a gold ring, you should look at your budget. If you have a low budget, you can advantageously choose a gold plated silver ring. However, you should be aware that plated silver rings can fade over time and become silver.

Wedding Rings in White Gold

Platinum is the most durable precious metal and requires less repolishing. But that does not mean you have to polish your white gold ring every time you have worn it to keep it fine. White gold also consists of a rhodium plating to give it a pure white luster and improve durability. But it wears off with time and your ring will start to turn a bit gold after a few years as the base color of gold is gold and not white gold.

How Does the Classic Wedding Ring Look?

Classic features of wedding rings have changed shape since the 15th century. A classic wedding ring can range from vintage style to nature inspired. However, the most popular wedding ring is the classic gold ring without too many stones. Over time, however, the woman's ring has become a little more unique, and many women in Western countries almost always choose a wedding ring with diamonds or some other gemstone. The man most often chooses a classic ring like this. The woman usually chooses a classic ring like this, which can be easily placed together with the engagement ring.