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Favorite Autumn Looks

Let’s celebrate this amazing season with delicious chai latte, sparkly jewelry, and happy moments.
Julie Abelstedt
Founder of Abelstedt

Sparkling Autumn Vibes With Abelstedt

Girl with flower earrings

It’s all about being and feeling comfortable. Staying inside with friends and family while the rain is pouring outside and being filled up with laughter, love, and joy. What better way to do all of this than with some of this season’s most brightening and elegant jewelry that will make you feel fantastic throughout this season?

Girl with silver rings

Autumn Is the Beginning of the Season We in Denmark Like to Call “Hygge”

Abelstedt jewelry

Make your days brighter and more sparkling by adding our timeless and elegant Oxford princess & radiant ring and the timeless Abelstedt A gold bangle for a finishing touch.

By adding a simple and unique ring as the Oxford round cut silver ring to any other jewelry in your collection, you can easily sparkle up any look and make it even more sophisticated and beautiful.

Stay Sparkly for Every Season

Marquise cut earrings

Autumn equals beautiful colors with red and orange leaves covering the landscape and it’s for sure a season for hot chocolate and cozy times with the ones you love. And why not do all of this with sparkling, timeless, and elegant jewelry?

Silver rings

Simple, Effortless Statement Look

Abelstedt gold and silver bangles

Here at Abelstedt, we stay sparkling for every season and we get inspired by the beautiful changes that happen in the seasons throughout the year. This autumn we love neutral and minimalistic colors and styles that make us feel calm and happy. You can combine this with everything and look classy, elegant, and completed in every way!

Girl wearing jewelry

I hope all of you girls got to be inspired!

Lots of love,
Abelstedt & Janne

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