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Engagement Rings

Engagement rings made to astound her. Our engagement category features rings in, gold white gold, sterling silver, and gold plated sterling silver rings.

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Engagement Rings
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Our Guide to Engagement Rings
Our Guide to Diamonds and Gemstones
It's all about the love.

Engagement Rings from Abelstedt

The engagement ring is a lasting sign of love and it has been so for hundreds of years. It has been a religious symbol expressing lasting camaraderie, love, and togetherness between two lovers. Although this tradition is hundreds of years old, it’s a tradition both men and women have stuck to. The ring connects couples and shows others that they belong together in the name of love.

Browse Abelstedt’s collection of engagement rings to find the ring that suits your preferences. We have a wide range of styles to choose from as well as a bespoke service. This gives you the chance to customize the perfect ring for you or your partner with the help of our design team.

What You Need to Know About Diamonds

Like the traditional option, a diamond is a classic, lasting choice for an engagement ring. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man and are rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that it cannot be scratched by anything other than another diamond so it retains its crisp sparkle longer than any other gemstone. In addition to their unique hardness, diamonds are valued for their ability to play with light which gives them the wonderful glimpses of rainbow colors and the characteristic diamond “flash.”

How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost and What Is the Typical Price for an Engagement Ring?

There is no right or wrong amount to spend on an engagement ring. Some may tell you that it should cost a certain percentage of your salary. It’s all up to you. The following three factors are the only ones that should determine the actual amount you should spend on an engagement ring.

  • Your budget
  • Your partner’s expectations
  • The significance of the ring

An engagement ring is a personal thing for the couple whose love it symbolizes. For that reason alone, it’s impossible to link an exact number or calculation to the “right” price for an engagement ring. Just try to find a ring that you can afford and that you know your partner will cherish.

How Do I Find Out What Ring Size My Partner Needs?

The best method to find out her ring size is to take one of her old rings to a jeweler to have them measure the size. Make sure the ring is about the same width as the ring you want to give her. Rings can sit differently on the finger, depending on whether it’s a wide or thin ring. If you are not able to visit a jeweler or jewelry store and are not aware of your partner’s ring size, you may (discreetly) ask her friends and family. You can also check out our size guide which you’ll find under each product.

When you borrow one of her existing rings, make sure it’s one she wears on the same finger as the ring you plan to buy. Our size guide for rings also gives you advice and guidance on how to find her size at home.

Should I Buy My Engagement Ring Online and Are They the Cheapest Here?

In most cases, engagement rings are 20-40% cheaper online than at physical jewelry retailers. Due to the way diamonds are sold and distributed, diamonds are cheaper for us as an online retailer as we have limited intermediaries and source our diamonds and sapphires directly. By shopping online, you get a large selection of conflict-free diamonds and sapphires at competitive prices. We engrave your 10-18 karat gold ring for free and deliver your ring in a wonderful wrapping.

Why Choose Abelstedt?

Abelstedt has access to a very large part of the world’s polished diamond and sapphire market. This means that you can choose exactly the diamond you want if you want to have a unique design made. We are a market leader in affordable, certified, and ethically manufactured diamonds. We offer comprehensive customization options that allow you to purchase a ring that matches your most precise preferences. We can make all kinds of rings in white gold and gold. Feel free to send Julie Abelstedt an email directly to julie@abelstedt.com with your request, and we will return with a non-binding offer on her or your dream ring.

Buying an engagement ring can be a lengthy process and it is perfectly normal to feel a little apprehensive. Our team of dedicated designers offers you personalized customer service both before and after you purchase your ring, and our passionate and highly experienced jewelers will create for you a ring that will eventually become a family legacy.

For these reasons, we at Abelstedt are proud to deliver engagement rings of the highest quality and elegance.

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