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How to Stack Your Earrings: A Style Guide for Women

Earrings play a big role when it comes to putting together a look. And sometimes, the more the better. In this guide, I walk you through the different styles you can make when stacking your earrings.
Julie Abelstedt
Founder of Abelstedt

Earrings play a big role when it comes to putting together a look. And that applies not only to your outfit but also to your face and charisma. Earrings have over time (and still are) the most used category of jewelry next to rings. I think this makes good sense since earrings can create balance for your face. In addition, earrings are placed so close to your eyes that they can hardly be overlooked.

In this guide, I have collected my favorite looks of put together (or “stacked”) earrings to get to a nice and feminine look while looking cool and trendy.

The way you style your earrings has a big influence on how you look and what reactions it triggers in others. This is especially true when you mix and match different earrings. Stacking earrings is a fashion trend that is starting to get big and it makes so much sense as it can look awesome!

If you do not have multiple piercings in each ear, the ultimate daring thing to do is go out and get them.

While your own style and preferences should always guide your choices, new inspiration is never a bad idea. So are you ready to figure out how to stack your earrings? I personally think this guide is worth its weight in gold, so read on!

Ear Party with Heart Evangelista

Personally, I don’t think one should be afraid to go new ways with their composition of earrings. I have for a long time admired the fashion blogger Heart Evangelista and have therefore decided to show you inspiration through her photos as she not only rocks a safe look but also dares to jump into some wild compositions that magically always look amazing.

Stack Small and Classic Ear Studs

We all know about the very simple and most traditional composition of small ear studs with either small stones or motives that run from a large size at the bottom of the earlobe to the smallest at the top of the ear. This look was probably most popular back in 2009 but is still seen around because it’s both easy to style and at the same time it still looks wildly good.

Since the ear studs are small, it provides plenty of opportunities to experiment without revealing yourself too much. For example, you can combine two different colors in the same style and match it with your outfit.

Stack Colorful Hoops and Creoles 

Sugar, spices, and lots of sweet things. ✨???? When it comes to stacking, don’t be afraid to mix and match different stones and styles to create a completely unique look.

Above, you can see a lot of different creoles with diamonds, zircons, and other gemstones put together without color coordination. The only thing that is coordinated are the sizes so that the large creole is at the bottom and the small one sits at the top.

Stack Small Ear Studs and Hoops

If you want a more petite look, then grab all your little ear studs and hoops. You should not be afraid to put both ear studs and hoops together, especially not when the styles match. These hoops from our collection are a perfect choice for almost any earring stack.

When You Shouldn’t Stack Your Earrings 

Just like with clothes, you want to wear jewelry that suits the occasion. Most importantly, the standard of your jewelry should match your standard of clothing. What I mean by that is that if you’re going to a graduation party, a family reunion, or even a work-related event, you’ll probably be wearing a more formal outfit—perhaps a formal dress or something more tailored such as a shirt and pants. In this case, you probably should not go for a large amount of stacked earrings but instead choose a few or maybe just a single earring. Here, of course, I would choose a pair of statement earrings so it does not get too boring. Go for large earrings that exude exclusivity.

Another Mix of Small Ear Studs and Hoops

Why not be a little daring and choose something with contrast? In the picture above, you can see that Heart Evangelista mixes both hoops and small ear studs, and the most startling thing is that she has put them in an order that does not look organized but still looks beautiful and elegant.

If you like experimenting with new trends, this is definitely a look for you. You can also possibly try mixing metals. This has been a fashion no-go for a long time, but now, it’s something more and more fashionistas are trying out as it provides contrast and I think it looks extremely good.

So if you have several different metals, do not be afraid to mix them and wear a pair of silver earrings along with a pair of gold earrings. The same goes for the stones—try experimenting with mixing and matching different colors of stones to get a combination that you like.

How to Stack Long Earrings

Are you ready to go all in on a statement look, this kind of earring stack is definitely for you! Here, it’s important that you choose some pendants that do not get too big and collide with each other when you put them together. You should not be afraid to mix teardrop shaped pendants with, for example, emerald cut pendants. It can simply give a more bubbly and exciting look.

Stack Earrings in the Same Color

Uniform color combinations are always a hit! It does not have to be exactly the same color, but feel free to choose colors that are within the same spectrum, such as red and pink or light blue and dark blue.

Personalized Earrings

Is there anything better than earrings? YES… earrings with meaning. Jewelry has over time been one of our most significant possessions since they are often given as a gift, at engagement, or perhaps even inherited. So why not try to create a personal stack of different earrings? It could be letters for those you care about or small symbols that matter to you.

Pearl Earrings 

Do you love pearls? If so, do not be afraid to stack them on the ear. It can be both hanging styles and ear studs. You can also get hoops with pearls that can be easily put together. Pearl earrings create a feminine look and can give your colorful clothes a damper so your style seems more balanced. Pearls are available in many different kinds, but choose real pearls such as freshwater pearls since you can easily tell the difference between real and fake pearls.

I hope this guide has been able to help you a bit on the way to stacking your earrings to fit you. Just keep in mind that your decision is entirely up to you. As long as you have the heart with you, the stacking of your earrings should definitely be a hit. Finally, do not hesitate to write on the chat if you want further guidance on finding the perfect earrings and remember to check out our complete selection of earrings. I’m sure you will find some that are perfect for you!

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