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Everything You Need to Know About Gold Rings for Women

Here is a complete guide about gold, white gold and gold vermeil/gold plated silver pieces.
Julie Abelstedt
Founder of Abelstedt

Here is a complete guide about gold, white gold and gold vermeil / gold plated silver pieces.

Decorate your hand with a unique 18 carat gold-plated ring. We offer a large selection of gold rings. All our rings from the gold-plated ring collection are made of 925 sterling silver and plated with 10 micron gold. 10 microns is a very thick coating that makes the jewelers open their ears and eyes. We are known for our high plating. The normal plating is 3-5 microns, where ours is 10 microns. we also use e-coating on our vermeil jewelry, to make the plating last longer. E-coating is some kind of a raincoat that protects the plating from wear and tear.

How Long Does Vermeil/Plated Gold Ring Last?

This can vary depending on how you taking care og your plated ring. It is generally said that with frequent use of a vermeil gold ring, it will begin to turn silver after 6 months. This often happens with a coatings of 3-5 microns.

Do you take care of your gold-plated ring (which means, taking it off when you are in contact with water, perfume and other liquids), and do you take off your rings when you do sports or other activities that can damage your gold-plated ring, then it will definitely last longer than 12 months, and preferably for life.

Are Gold Plated/Vermeil Rings Real Gold?

The answer is yes. Our gold-plated rings are made of real silver and then plated with real gold. However, the ring is not made of 100% gold. The plating makes it possible to create a ring that looks like a gold ring but at a much lower price. The base metal (sterling silver) is more affordable than gold but is still a precious metal. Gold-plated rings in sterling silver are therefore a quality-plated piece of jewelry instead of, for example, steel or copper.

When you buy a gold-plated ring, it will mean that there will only be gold on the surface of the ring. A vermeil ring is available in many different qualities. It is not only the base metal that determines the quality. How thick the coating is also has a lot to say. If the ring is coated with a thick coating of gold, the ring will keep its coating for a longer time.

Can a Gold Plated Ring Discolor Your Finger?

Abelstedt’s gold plated rings can not discolor your finger. The reason for this is that the base metal is real silver and not fake metal such as copper or other metals that can stain the finger.

How To Style Your Gold Vermeil Ring For Women

gold plated ring or maybe even two on each hand gives a beautiful and sparkling look. Gold-plated rings for ladies can be found at Abelstedt in all variants and designs. A gold vermeil ring for yourself or the girl in your life, is an obvious gift idea. Ladies’ rings in gold can be found in different styles and sizes at online. If you are looking for gold rings for a party, you can surely find a ring that can make everyone turn their heads. If you are more into a stylish design, take a look at our band rings in gold for women.

If you are looking for a gold ring that can match all the other rings you have at home in your jewelry box, you can definitely find it right here. Women’s rings in gold can be very eye-catching. It takes its woman to wear our glorious rings with pride. Mix and match your gold rings so you get the gold look you have always dreamed of. Or make your lady happy at home with a ring in beautiful gift wrapping.

Buy gold-plated rings for women at Abelstedt. All women should own a beautiful gold vermeil ring. A such ring can add edge and more personality to a beautiful woman. The warm gold color on a fine woman’s hand is eye-catching.

Many years ago, gold rings were reserved as wedding rings or engagement rings, but today all women wear gold rings of equal age, appearance or status. But If you are thinking of proposing to your dream woman, we have a whole selection of engagement rings that will fit perfectly for this. A gold ring can be an eternal memory and symbolizes love. At Abelstedt, we also make special designs. However, we only make specially designed women’s rings in 14 carat and 18 carat gold and white gold with diamonds and precious stones. here you can find our diamond & gold rings.

Putting several rings together and creating a personal composition can be extremely beautiful but can also be too much for a small fine woman’s hand. Therefore, combine your gold rings with a fine necklace, bracelet or a pair of beautiful earrings here you can find our category of all jewelry.

Each gold-plated ring from each of our five different collections is designed in a timeless style. When you go exploring to find your new gold-plated ring, you will experience a unique selection in exciting quality. We are known for our unique shaping of our vermeil jewelry, and our prong work, which holds every single stone in place, is created with a calm hand by our skilled jewelers in Hong Kong.

Our gold rings comes in 7 different sizes. If your ring size is in between the sizes we offer, we would recommend that you go one size down if you want a thin ring and go one size up if you want a wide gold ring. If you are not sure about your size, you can see our size guide here. in the link you will be able to find your own ring size, but also find the sizes that fits your beloved without she find out. 

Your new Abelstedt gold ring will be comfortable to wear all days of the week. However, remember to treat your gold rings with care – especially if you choose a gold-plated silver ring. Read our guide on how to fit and clean your new gold ring.

Our popular gold-plated silver collection consists of a 10 micron coating, this is a coating that is more than double then what is normally used by Danish jewelry brands. We are specialists in gold rings, and it is therefore important to us that we deliver gold rings where the quality is above standard, so you can be sure not to be disappointed after some time of use of your new ring.
Our selection of gold rings can be found with both hand-applied cubic zirconia, diamonds or sapphires. Cubic zirconia is a very hard stone, and can therefore withstand a lot. 

Gold rings are often the preferred choice among Danes, as gold warms up our light skin. Gold rings have for long time been the most preferred metal. The Egyptians and Romans were some of the first to adorn themselves with extreme amounts of gold – everything from gold rings to large gold necklaces. Gold is not cheap, but over time it has become easier to create gold rings that do not have the same weight as before, by using less gold and thereby reduce the prices of each gold ring.

A gold ring is the perfect gift for the one you love. If you want a gold ring that symbolizes love, then go explore our heart rings from the Loving collection. If you want to give a gold ring to your sweetheart, you can easily find an engagement ring in gold here. One of our most popular gold rings for engagement is our solitaire gold ring as well as our six-prong gold ring. Every girl should own a gold ring from Abelstedt, and if she is not so much for the traditional, we are sure that she can find something unique that suits her just right. Give her a gold ring from one of our collections and she will never forget the moment she received her dream gold ring from you.

Abelstedt Offers Inexpensive Gold Rings

If you are a strong and beautiful girl, you should have a ring that matches your beauty. A radiant ring from Abelstedt will be able to make your hand shine. If you are looking for a nice and feminine gold ring, you will find it here. Every girl will be able to find what she is looking for at Abelstedt, whether it is solid gold or gold-plated rings. A gold ring will always adorn any girl no matter age, gender and appearance.

We offer cheap gold rings for the elegant and sweet girl who wants to express her style with rings, earrings, bracelet or maybe a necklace. On her page you will find both 14 carat and 18 carat gold rings but also gold plated silver rings. The gold plating gives and extra little spice to this jewelry look, without it becoming too expensive.

Finger rings for girls in good quality are difficult to find nowadays, without it becoming too expensive. At Abelstedt, we have broken this down and have chosen to create five different collections of rings, created by skilled and technical jewelers who know how to create the best results in gold rings for girls – and gold-plated gold rings. Plated gold rings are very popular among young girls, not only because of the price but also because of the timeless smart look that it gives. You will therefore definitely receive many compliments among other girls on your new gold ring.

Men’s Gold Rings

Gold-plated rings for men can be bought online at Abelstedt. We offer a large selection of gold rings for men. Both wide, thin and in different styles. Whether it is a wedding ring or a regular gold ring for men for everyday use, you can find it with us. Our gold men’s rings consist of tungsten, which is plated with gold. Our coating consists of an ion coating, and it therefore keeps the men’s gold stunning for an incredibly long time.

A Gold Ring as a Gift

Our gold rings from the Oxford collection and the Loving collection must be the perfect Valentine’s gift, Mother’s Day gift or a gift for oneself. We offer gold rings, gold engagement rings, gold wedding rings and many more other types of gold rings.

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