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Rings for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Read and learn everything there is to learn about calling women. We go in-depth with both metals, durability, size and everything in between.
Julie Abelstedt
Founder of Abelstedt

Ever since ancient times, we women have worn jewelry, one of the most popular jewelry was and is poor. At that time, rings symbolized both wealth and riches. Today, rings can of course also show a form of wealth if one sees one wearing a large diamond ring. But today, rings often have a personal meaning. The engagement ring is probably the one that has the greatest significance, and it is, in fact, also one of the biggest purchases we make throughout life.

Benefits of Going with Rings for Women

  • Depending on the type of ring you choose, a ring can radiate your personality and show the world that you go up in yourself and your style.
  • Many people use a ring as a form of de-stressing. Wrapping the ring around the finger can seem relaxing to many women.
  • If you have an engagement ring or a wedding ring, it can show that you are busy and not free in the love market.
  • Diamonds, sapphires, gold, and silver are expensive so if you like to radiate exclusivity then you should, of course, wear a showy ring on your finger.
  • A ring can have a personal meaning if it is either made of old jewelry that has been melted down or if you get an engraving in it.
Silver rings

Before buying a ring, it is important to know a little about materials and metals. It has to do with durability, comfort and of course price. Here we review the most popular materials and metals.

Gold Rings for Women

Gold rings

It’s easy to spot gold, we know it for the yellow/orange color. Gold is the most popular choice when buying a wedding ring for men, but has also become the most popular choice when just buying an everyday ring for oneself.

Gold was the metal that was first used to make jewelry. Gold is easy to work with as it is malleable and soft, therefore gold has been used since ancient times. Today you do not make rings and jewelry in 24 carats, as it will be too soft, and thereby will lose its shape and at the same time it is incredibly expensive. Most people today choose a ring in 10, 14 or 18 carat gold which are also the gold carats you can find with us. Here are the pros of choosing gold and of course the cons.

  • Pro: Gold is the most romantic and classic precious metal
  • Pro: Popular and easily recognizable
  • Pro: The color does not change
  • Con: It is a soft material and can therefore be scratched faster
  • Con: It is expensive.
  • Con: Gold rings contain some other alloys, and it may be some that you can not tolerate.

White Gold Rings for Women

White gold ring

As described above, gold is traditionally yellow. The white color, therefore, comes from mixing gold with some other light / white alloys. Gold is most often mixed with silver, platinum, copper or nickel. Finally, the surface of most white gold rings is treated with a layer of rhodium to promote the beautiful bright color of the surface, and to make it more durable.

The bright color compliments super well a white stone or diamond. But besides that, white gold is also more resistant as it is mixed with alloys that are not nearly as soft as gold. If you get a white gold ring that has an alloy with copper, you get the hardest and most durable ring of all.

  • Pro: Durable and more durable
  • Pro: Does not get discolored
  • Pro: compliment a white stone/diamond really well
  • Con: The rhodium coating can disappear over time
  • Con: One can get allergic reactions as it is mixed with other alloys.

Silver rings for women (sterling silver)

Pear cut silver ring

Silver is our most popular precious metal, and the precious metal most of our customers love. Silver rings are classic, timeless and has a shiny light color. For more than 5000 years, jewelry and rings have been made in sterling silver. If your ring is engraved with 925, you can count on your ring being made of sterling silver, which is the highest carat of silver (ie the best quality of silver). It is called 925 as 92.5% of it is pure silver where the rest are other alloys like in white gold. This is done again to make it durable and not too soft.

  • Pro: Does not discolour
  • Pro: Cheaper than gold and white gold
  • Pro: Durable
  • Pro: An utrologically beautiful light color
  • Con: It may oxidize (get black spots). However, this can be cleaned away with silver cleaner.
  • Con: If you have an allergy to eg copper, the remaining alloys can give you an allergic reaction.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver

gold knot ring

Gold plated sterling silver is an incredibly popular choice. Most gold plated silver rings have an 18-karat gold finish. Since the gold is just a surface, you must be aware that it can disappear with the side, and the silver inside behind can begin to show. Depending on how thick a coating the ring is, you can expect a gold coating to last between 6 – 12 months. If you take good care of your ring, it can of course last longer. When we talk about the thickness of the coating, we are talking about microns. The rule of thumb is that most Danish jewelry brands coat their rings with 3-5 microns. With us, we coat the rings with an even thicker layer of gold. We coat the silver with 10 microns so the ring is even more durable. Gold-plated sterling silver is a beautiful choice if you want a ring made of precious metal which is made of real silver and gold.

  • Pro: Cheaper than gold
  • Pro: Beautiful color and shine
  • Pro: Strong
  • Con: The gold may fade and the ring may turn silver
  • Con: The ring can oxidize and you must therefore clean it with a silver polishing cloth.

Wide Rings for Women

Wide ring in silver

Wider rings are a hit and have been for many years. In the past, it was called cocktail rings, but today it is not a term we make so much use of. A popular choice with many is a “signed ring” – Ie. a ring that is wide at the top and narrower at the bottom. Many people associate a wide ring with a men’s ring, and if you are therefore afraid to choose such a ring, just choose a ring that has stones.

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing a wide ring.

  • Remember that a wide ring can feel a bit smaller in size, so go one size up rather than down.
  • A wide ring is super elegant when you just want to wear a unique piece of jewelry instead of a lot of small different ones.
  • A wide ring may not be suitable for all occasions.
  • A wide ring can feel uncomfortable for some if you are not used to it.

Thin and Simple Rings for Women

Thin silver ringes

This is definitely the safest choice and also the most popular. If you are the type of person who likes the individual and classic, it is of course a thin everyday ring you should go for. Or are you just bad at taking your jewelry off in the evening and would like some comfortable jewelry it is of course also a thin ring you should choose. Many thin rings can feel larger in size so go one size down rather than up if in doubt. Here are the temptations and disadvantages of thin rings.

  • Easy to style
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can easily be put together with other rings
  • Fits well on a small hand
  • It May look wrong if you have a wide hand
  • Can often look a bit boring
  • The 7th ring can quickly become bent and get out of shape

Types of Women’s Rings

Solitaire Rings

solitaire ring

This type of ring is most often seen as an engagement ring design. A solitaire ring is simple and still sumptuous at once. The ring consists of a (usually) narrow band around the finger with a diamond on top. The diamond or stone stands all alone with no stone around it.

The center stone is usually set with 4 – 6 sockets to hold it firmly on the ring. Many who choose to buy a solitaire ring typically love the classic look. It is super beautiful to put several rings next to his solitaire ring, this could for example be a wedding ring.

Eternity Rings

Eternity ring

An alliance is a winner! It is beautifully simple and incredibly elegant. An alliance is most often a thin ribbon around the finger set with small diamonds of equal size. An alliance ring is a perfect choice if you like to put several rings together. The rings are either made with a bezel socket or with small ordinary sockets. There are some pros and cons to alliance rings.

  • Pro: Easy to style and put together with other rings
  • Pro: Incredibly beautiful on the underside if set with stones all the way around
  • Pro: The perfect choice for a wedding ring
  • Pro: Beautiful next to an engagement ring
  • Con: Can be uncomfortable on the finger if it has stones all around, as some find the sockets can feel uncomfortable finger next to the ring.
  • Con: Take care of your ring on the underside if it has stones all around. The underside of a ring is most often subject to wear and tear so everyone is aware that your ring may be vulnerable.

Halo Rings

Halo ring

A rose ring is super romantic and feminine in set look. A rose ring can be recognized by the fact that there is a ring of small stones around the larger center stone. They are also called halo rings as it is a halo / halo of small diamonds that connects the ring’s many stones.

Choosing a ring with a halo of diamonds can make the center stone look bigger without it becoming too expensive.

  • Several small diamonds are cheaper than a large diamond.
  • Pro: The ring for a larger and more beautiful crown
  • Pro: Gives a more complete and classic look
  • Con: There are several stones in it, so take extra care of your ring so that it does not lose stones.
  • Con: It can have a violent effect on small thin fingers

Signed Rings

As a rule, a signet ring is a bit wide at the top and less wide at the bottom. Most people choose a signed ring in either stainless steel or gold-plated sterling silver, as a signed gold ring is often very expensive, as a lot of metal is most often used to make it.

The ring is a bit masculine and has over time been used by men, to show that they were either part of a lodge, or that you were royal, or generally just have a sign on the top that shows which family you come from. Today, we women have also taken the ring to us. We make them a little smaller for women so it does not become too violent, and then of course you can also get them with stones and diamonds in so they become even more feminine.

Engagement Rings

Engagement ring

Is it time to pop the big question? An engagement ring is probably the most significant piece of jewelry you own. An engagement ring is given in connection with you or your better half going down on one knee and asking if you want to marry him/her. It is one of the most emotional and happy episodes in one’s life that one usually never forgets again.

An engagement ring is often also the biggest purchase you make throughout life. It is said that an engagement ring should cost up to 3 months’ salary. However, this is a hoax as there is nothing right or wrong. Usually, you spend half to 1 month’s salary, but you have to do what feels right and suits you and your partner and your finances.

Engagement rings are often made in gold, white-yellow, platinum, or sterling silver. The most popular choice, however, is white gold. Usually, you choose a diamond at the top, but many also choose a white sapphire as it is super beautiful, but does not cost as much as a diamond.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a ring that connects and sealed the love of two people. A wedding ring has been used all the way back to ancient times. The ring is often given at the ceremony itself where you get married and you say yes to each other in church, on the beach or maybe even underwater. Both partners in the relationship receive a wedding ring during the ceremony itself.

It is often a ring you wear together or separately. As a matter of fact, the two rings fit together in the design, or you have a date engraved in both rings, most often your wedding day. A wedding ring is often made of white gold, gold, platinum, or sterling silver. Many of them look like an alliance with small diamonds all around and fit like real to its engagement ring.

Gemstones, stones and Diamonds Used in Rings

One can get a lot of different stones. It can seem overwhelming as they are available in all qualities, prices, sizes, and in all the colors of the rainbow. First, of course, find out what budget you have and what color you want. Below you can see the most popular stones that are part of a ring.


Diamonds are a woman’s best friend as Marilyn Monroe sang it. The most precious and beautiful stones there are, and then it is the hardest stone on earth. Only another diamond can destroy a diamond. Most often, diamonds have small natural defects as they are not man-made. Today, however, laboratory diamonds are produced that are flawless, these may appear cheaper than natural diamonds but are still expensive. Diamonds are the most popular choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. In the USA, the average carat for a diamond is 1 carat, while in Denmark we are over 0.5 carat.


Sapphires are best known for their dark blue intense color, but they are available in all the colors of the rainbow and are the second most popular choice for an engagement ring. Sapphire is a 9 on the MOSH scale, which is the scale by which hardness is measured. A diamond is a 10 on the MOSH scale. The all-natural colorless white diamonds are the most precious and rare sapphires. However, they are also available in green, blue, gold, orange etc. They are amazingly beautiful and radiate when the light hits them. There is no doubt that a sapphire is a great choice for an engagement ring or maybe even for a wedding ring.


Rubies are actually just a red sapphire, which is why it has got its own name belonging to antiquity. Rubies are incredibly beautiful and the more red and intense they are, the more expensive and valuable they are. Rubies are created from the substance called corundum. Rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, so are a super good choice if you are not that good at taking care of your jewelry. A ruby ​​is super beautiful in the yellow gold.

CZ Crystals / Swarovski Stones

This is glass that is shaped and cut like a diamond, as it is not a real gemstone. For this reason, they can be obtained completely flawless as they are created by humans. They are incredibly beautiful and do not cost in the vicinity of what a diamond or sapphire costs. They are available in all sizes and colors and are most often used in Fashion jewelry made in silver, steel or copper.


Emeralds are green and have been popular for thousands of years, they have not been the most popular gemstones for a long time but have become incredibly popular in recent years. They are beautifully and intense and have an incredibly captivating color. Emeralds are not as hard as diamonds and sapphires, so be careful not to be too hard on them, as they may break if they are hit hard.


A light blue beautiful stone named after the seawater due to the beautiful blue color of the sea. If you have blue eyes, a beautiful aquamarine will definitely match and highlight your beautiful eyes. Aquamarines are not as expensive as diamonds, so it is a good alternative if your budget is not enough for a diamond.


A rock like this is extremely rare and is only found at meteor showers. However, they have started to be made in laboratories, so you can get a beautiful gemstone, without the price running up like a diamond. They are white and super beautiful. Unlike a diamond, one must be aware that it can change color if it is heated. Care must therefore be taken to clean it in too hot water, as it may become dull and lose its color.

Black diamonds

A popular choice for many men, but certainly also beautiful for a woman. A black diamond became seriously a popular choice when MRI. Big suitor for Carrier with a black diamond in the movie Sex & the city. Many of the black diamonds found today are created as there are too many natural defects in them and inaccuracies that consist of clusters of graphite.


A gemstone that is olive green and can easily be confused with an emerald. In ancient Egypt, the stone was used for almost all jewelry, it was an extremely popular choice at the time, and still is. However, they are often only available in small sizes as they are full of defects today, and are very unstable in their chemical composition.

Hypoallergenic Rings

One’s body and skin do not always want what you want. And one’s immune system is not always on top, whether it’s because one’s in a stressful period of one’s run into a cold. There can be many reasons why the body suddenly reacts to something that was not expected. In some cases, dirt and grime under the ring can also be the reason for an allergic reaction. It is therefore important that you make sure to clean your ring once in a while.

The allergic reactions most often come from the alloys that are mixed with the metal. It is most often alloys such as copper, nickel, and chromium that cause allergic reactions. Then your finger starts to itch, or get red marks then it is probably best that you take the ring off immediately, and stay away from it.

But what can you do if you suffer from sensitive skin, but love to wear rings?

Allergy Test Metals in Your Ring

You can go to your own doctor and ask for an allergy test. That way, you can find out which metals you are hypersensitive to. For how would it be a pity if one invested in a gold ring and then could not tolerate it. It takes no time for the doctor just to test and then it is painless. As soon as you know which metals your skin reacts to, you know which metals to stay away from.

Unfortunately, it is the metal that we react to most often, nickel and nickel are in almost all alloys. So if you can afford it we would recommend that you go for silver rings or tungsten rings or 24 karat gold.

How to Clean Your Ring for Women

Clean your rings

If you have first acquired a beautiful ring, you should of course also take care of it so that it can stay beautiful for as long as possible. There are various ways to make sure your ring stays beautiful. The easiest way is to get it in advance so that it does not have to be cleaned all the time as this can also help to damage the ring.

Be sure to remove your rings when doing anything physically active, as both sweat and wear can damage the coating, stones and more. Take off your rings especially when you sleep as you first get a better night’s sleep from it, and you can get the ring out of shape if you put it on the ring. If the ring gets out of shape, it can cause the sockets to also be pushed out of shape, thereby causing stones to unfold.

Be sure to keep your rings away from harsh chemicals, chlorinated water as well as boiling water. Boiling water can especially damage gemstones such as sapphires etc.

The easiest way to clean your ring is by making a warm glass of water with dish soap and then putting your jewelry in. Let the dirt dissolve and then gently clean the ring with a toothbrush. Then rinse the ring well with water and then polish it with a microfiber cloth.

If your ring has got some black spots, it is most likely because your ring is made of silver and has started to oxidize. In that case, you need to grab a silver polishing cloth or some silver cleaner.

Sometimes it is not something to do a home cleaner. We recommend that you take your jewelry to your nearest jeweler every two years to get them freshened up. Here they can make a new gold or rhodium coating but can also polish up your ring if it gets a lot of scratches and loses its luster. Most jewelers also use an ultrasonic cleaner which can really clean your jewelry in depth. If you have a lot of jewelry with stones, it could be an idea to get an ultrasonic cleaner yourself. They are not really very expensive and are super effective for cleaning jewelry, glasses etc.

Most Asked Questions and Answers

What Is the Most Durable Metal?

The most durable metals are tungsten and stainless steel. These metals are super strong and scratch free.

Which Rings Keep Their Gold Color?

Gold will of course keep its color, but if you need a ring that is not as expensive as pure gold, see if you can get a ring made of stainless steel with a PVD gold coating. PVD gold coating is incredibly strong and even stronger than the well-known gold coating.

If I Am Between Two Sizes, What Size Should I Go For?

It all depends on how wide your ring is. If your ring is very wide you should go one size up it they can often feel a bit smaller in size and conversely, you should go one size down for a very thin and narrow ring.

Why Do You Have Your Engagement and Wedding Ring on Your Left Hand?

As far back as antiquity, it was thought that one had a vein running from the left ring finger down to the heart. They passed this belief on to the Romans, who called this vein “Vena Amoris” (the vein of love).

Can You Easily Resize Your Rings?

If your ring was bought a short time ago and is not used, you can definitely get it adjusted in size or exchanged by them or us from whom you bought it. If it’s an old ring you can not exchange, you can go to a jeweler to see if they can change the size for you. If the ring is too big, you can somewhere on some rubber bottom you can put under the ring so it becomes smaller.

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

We have made a guide on how to measure your ring size. You can find the guide inside each product where there is a size guide. You can also grab our free ring gauge.

How Much Does It Cost to Resize Your Ring?

Most goldsmiths charge anywhere between 600 – 2000 kroner for this, depending on whether it is to be made larger or smaller, and whether the stones are to be recaptured or not. At Abelstedt, we make sure that you can change the size completely free of charge in a certain period after you have bought your ring.

Facts and History of Woman Rings

  • The most expensive ring in the world consists of the pink 59.60 carat diamond. Back in 2017, the ring was sold for $83 million. The ring has been called “The Pink Star”.
  • It was thought back to the ancient Egyptians that there was a vein running from the ring finger to the heart. It is a symbol of love and that is why today we wear our engagement ring and wedding ring on the left ring finger.
  • Back in Roman times, only the aristocrats wore rings made of gold. The poor and working-class wore rings made of iron.
  • Wearing many rings has been a huge hit in the Middle Ages, however, it was mostly Europeans who wore so many rings.
  • The pope wears a signet ring from the 13th century and the ring is called the “Fisherman’s ring”. It was used to sign official documents dating back to the 1842 century.
  • The first rings made were made of iron. It was not until the Middle Ages that they began to use gold and stones.
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Men's Ring Size Guide
Abelstedt Size Inner diameter (mm) Inner circumference (mm) US Size UK Size
XXXS 16.3 52 6 L
XXS 17.0 54 7 N
XS 18.0 57 8 P
S 18.8 60 9 R
M 19.6 62 10 T
L 20.4 65 11 V
XL 21.2 67 12 X
XXL 21.8 70 13 Z
How to Measure

The Tape Method

1. Grab a tape measure, string, or strip of paper.

2. Wrap it around the finger you’ll wear your ring on—if you’re creating a ring stack, consider where on your finger the ring will sit—and mark where it joins with a pen.

3. Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and measure the length up to the mark using a ruler. Use the chart above to match the measurement to the closest Abelstedt ring size.

Measure finger for ring size

Measure an Existing Ring

1. Choose a ring that already fits the finger well.

2. Measure the inner diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm).

3. Use the measurement chart above to match the size of your ring to the closest Abelstedt size in mm.

Measure ring size
Abelstedt Blue Box

Abelstedt Gifting Tips

  • If you’re between sizes, go for the larger size if the ring is wide and the smaller size if the ring is narrow.
  • There’s not a large difference between two subsequent sizes on the size chart. If in doubt, go with your gut. You can always exchange the size through our easy returns process.

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Find Your Ring Size (Women)
Abelstedt Size Inner diameter (mm) Inner circumference (mm) US Size UK Size
XXS 15.3 48 4.5 I
XS 15.9 50 5.5 K
S 16.5 52 6 L
M 17.3 54 7 N
L 17.7 56 7.5 O
XL 18.5 58 8.5 Q
XXL 19.1 60 9 S
How to Measure

The Tape Method

1. Grab a tape measure, string, or strip of paper.

2. Wrap it around the finger you’ll wear your ring on—if you’re creating a ring stack, consider where on your finger the ring will sit—and mark where it joins with a pen.

3. Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and measure the length up to the mark using a ruler. Use the chart above to match the measurement to the closest Abelstedt ring size.

Measure finger for ring size

Measure an Existing Ring

1. Choose a ring that already fits the finger well.

2. Measure the inner diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm).

3. Use the measurement chart above to match the size of your ring to the closest Abelstedt size in mm.

Measure ring size
Abelstedt Blue Box

Abelstedt Gifting Tips

  • If you’re between sizes, go for the larger size if the ring is wide and the smaller size if the ring is narrow.
  • There’s not a large difference between two subsequent sizes on the size chart. If in doubt, go with your gut. You can always exchange the size through our easy returns process.

At Your Service

Our customer service is always ready to help. Chat with us live or send us an email.

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