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The Ultimate Guide to Earrings

Some women wear earrings every day, while others only wear them on special occasions. No matter what the occasion, here is your ultimative guide to finding the perfect pair of earrings.
Julie Abelstedt
Founder of Abelstedt

Some women wear earrings every day while others only wear them on special occasions. But no matter when you wear them, there’s no doubt that earrings are alluring and make you shine. An elegant pair of earrings can lift a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt to a new level, pearl earrings soften a work look, and if you add a pair of large statement earrings, you can make even the dullest sweater look exclusive.

A pair of statement earrings possess the ability to make a hairstyle sing. Beach curls are the perfect hairstyle for a pair of gold hoops, a ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for the long large earrings, and a nice tuber is perfect for a pair of diamond studs.

In this guide, I’m going to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding earrings. If you already have a good grasp of the practical things, you could also read my second guide on how to stack and style your earrings.

Two Most Popular Types of Earrings

  1. A pair of earrings with a single diamond held by 4 prongs is the most popular type of earring.
  2. A pair of simple hoops is always a hit. The most classic is a simple gold hoop.

Tips for Buying Earrings

Here are some simple tips that you should consider before buying earrings:

  1. Think about where you want to wear the earrings. If you have a small baby, dangling earrings are not a wise choice as the little one may find themselves pulling on them.
  2. Silver and white gold match light skin while gold earrings work well with darker skin tones.
  3. If you have sensitive ears, look for materials that are least likely to cause irritation, such as titanium, sterling silver, gold, or surgical steel.
  4. Round faces are beautiful with longer earrings, heart-shaped faces fit hanging earrings in a teardrop shape, while square faces look best with round or oval earrings. If you have an oval face, all earrings will suit you perfectly!

Types of Earrings

Let’s review a few different earrings. I have chosen the ones that are most popular and put in a few inspirational pictures that I think fit super well with each type of earring.

Earrings with Pearls

Pearl earrings are classics that flatter everyone and fit most sets of clothes as well as compliment all skin tones. To choose the best pair of pearl earrings that perfectly fit the shape and style, here is a little guide on earrings with pearls and freshwater pearls.

Pearl Sizes

Pearls come in many different sizes. For some, larger beads can become heavy and uncomfortable on the ear. On the other hand, smaller beads may be too small for an adult.

What Pearls Should You Go For?

When it comes to the types of pearl earrings that are on the market, you have quite a few choices. I only use freshwater pearls when I design jewelry, as these are the most exclusive and have the most beautiful color and finish. Freshwater pearls are also the most pure and rare of pearls. The freshwater pearls are typically found in lakes and rivers in Asia. In recent years, the quality of freshwater pearls have improved and has resulted in beautiful pearls that are cleaner, round, and more shiny than other kinds of pearls. The sizes of freshwater pearls typically range from 5 mm to 10 mm, although they are often available in larger sizes up to 13 mm.

The Quality of Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are often inherited through generations where they used for special occasions. Given the sensitivity of the pearl, it makes sense to wear them only with regular intervals. The less time pearl earrings are exposed to the dangers outside of the jewelry box, the less likely they are to be scratched or damaged. Of course, this safety is especially important for older or more expensive pearls.

But what is the point of owning something beautiful if you’re never going to wear it? It’s true that pearls are not as strong as, for example, diamonds, which increases the risk of injury if worn every day. But with proper care and caution, you can keep your pearls safe and beautiful, even with daily use. However, this means keeping them away from cosmetics and safe chemicals while keeping them safe.

Here are two types of styles when it comes to pearl earrings:

The classic and elegant:

If you typically wear sophisticated clothes and minimalist dresses for work, you will certainly not go wrong with our Abelstedt A pearl earrings. This elegant pair of earrings can elevate any business look so you look professional at work while radiating elegance.

The sweet and playful:

Beads are no longer a symbol of conservative and toned-down dresses. If you love a more fun and colorful look, go for long and large beads as seen in the picture above.

Types of Earrings

Long Earrings 

Long earrings that swing from side to side give a fun and intense look that suits every face shape. If you often wear a high ponytail or updo hair, long earrings can come in handy even more. And if you have long hair, the long earrings will look even more elegant. Spice up your everyday look with a pair of fun and beautiful earrings and don’t be afraid to choose those with color.

Large Statement Earrings

Are you the girl who loves big earrings? I am myself. I think it says a lot about one’s personality when one dares to put on a pair of large statement earrings. And the word “big!” very well defines what statement earrings are. Statement earrings are big bold earrings that catch everyone’s attention and make a statement.

Creoles and Hoops

One of the most popular earrings is hoops, also called creoles. The hoop earring is a classic for women of all ages. The hoops have shown swings in popularity throughout history, from the 60s to the 90s, and are now stronger than ever in the fashion scene. A hoop is, as a matter of fact, a round earring that is closed all the way around. Some, however, are available with a small opening on the back.

Hoops offer so many unique benefits that other earrings do not. It could be:

  1. To draw attention to your face
  2. A classic look that never really goes out of fashion
  3. Something that matches any occasion
  4. If you are tired of playing safe and want a braver look, then you can often get them in all sizes, so why not go for something big and brave?

How to Style Your Creoles 

Wearing several hoops at once is not something many people do, but it’s definitely a fun look to try if you like to play with different styles. If you have more than one ear piercing, you can use a smaller hoop in one and a larger one in the other. Feel free to put the largest hoop at the bottom of the ear for a more balanced look.

I recently wrote an entire guide on how to stack together and style earrings that you can read here in which I also explain and show how to put together many creoles at once.

What Earrings Fit Your Face Shape?

Let me give you a few tricks on how to choose the perfect pair of earrings for your face shape. First, select the earrings that brighten up your face. Are you a girl with a round face, then go after earrings that are a bit long to lengthen your face. Conversely, if you have a long face, then choose round halo earrings or choose an ear stud instead of a hanging earring.

How to Clean Your Earrings

The best way to clean your earrings is by soaking them in soap and water and then gently brushing dirt and grime off with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to rinse the earring with water and pat it gently dry. However, if your earrings are gold plated, I would not recommend that you soak your earrings as it can ruin the gold plating itself. I usually clean all my jewelry at once so that they all stay shiny clean. I have written a great guide here that tells you exactly how to clean every single one of your jewelry, whether it is precious metal or just plated silver.

Are Abelstedt’s Earrings Genuine and Do They Contain Nickel?

All our earrings are made of precious metal, either pure sterling silver or sterling silver plated with 18 karat gold with a thick plating. And all our earrings are nickel free.

Buy Genuine Silver Earrings

When looking for earrings, one of your biggest considerations will be which metal to go for. The metal is important as it determines the look and durability of the earrings you buy. The best answer to this dilemma is sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper and sometimes other metals such as zinc or nickel). The reason for this is that pure silver is too soft to be shaped and is therefore alloyed with other metal to increase its durability and strength. Silver has many purposes such as making coins, decorative objects, tools and… jewelry.

What Does “Gold Plated” Mean?

Gold plating means that only the very surface of the jewelry is covered with gold. The rest of the jewelry can be made of other metals such as silver. At Abelstedt, we only use precious metals in our jewelry, and you will therefore only find gold-plated silver earrings in our collection if you want to go for the gold look.

When Do You Take Out Your New Earrings?

If you have just had a hole pierced in your ear, your earrings should stay in place for 6 weeks. If you have a hole that sits at the cartilage area, they should be left in place for 12 weeks before you take them out.

What Are 925 Sterling Silver Earrings?

Sterling silver, also known as 925 sterling silver, is a metal alloy used in jewelry. Traditionally, it consists of 92.5% silver (Ag) and 7.5% copper (Cu). Sometimes other metals account for 7.5%, but the 925 mark will always indicate 92.5% silver purity, which is the highest quality and best kind of silver.

Where Do You Buy the Cheapest Earrings?

If you buy your earrings from Abelstedt, you can be sure to get your earrings at a cheap price compared to other jewelry retailers of jewelry in the same quality. As a jewelry brand, we are a primary manufacturer without expensive intermediaries and we can therefore minimize significant costs which for you results in a better final price for the best quality.

Can You Wear Earrings Everyday without Getting Inflammation in the Ear?

As long as you ensure proper hygiene around the earrings, you can easily let them sit. There is absolutely no limit to how long you can wear earrings. However, there are some things you need to be aware of so that inflammation does not occur. Your earrings should be made of precious metals like silver and gold. This way you will make sure that you avoid unwanted allergic reactions. I recommend that you occasionally clean both your earring and your hole in the ear to prevent dirt from settling and creating inflammation. I recommend using chlorhexidine to clean around the hole.

Can You Sleep with Your Earrings?

Sleeping with your earrings can result in the loss of stones but can also damage the ear or the earrings themselves. When you lie on your earrings, they can bend, especially if they are made of precious metal such as gold and silver as these are soft metals and therefore bend more easily. If your earrings have stones in them, the prongs can move and stones can fall out. However, it is also most comfortable to sleep without earrings, so to get a better night’s sleep, I recommend that you take out your earrings and keep them safe in your jewelry box.

Can Sterling Silver Irritate the Ear?

If you get an allergic reaction from sterling silver, it’s typically due to traces of nickel. All Abelstedt earrings are nickel-free and comply with all EU standards. However, remember to take your earrings off once in a while to clean and polish them. If your ear becomes irritated, it may be due to dirt that has been sitting on the earlobe and has then been inserted into the ear. Therefore, be sure to take them off and wash them from time to time.

Can You Wear Your Silver Earrings Everyday?

The more you wear sterling silver, the less likely they are to start oxidizing. So put on the earrings and do not be afraid to use them everyday. If you want to wear sterling silver earrings all the time, it’s a good idea to buy some silver cleaner so that you can keep the dirt and grease away from your earrings and thereby retain the beautiful shine.

I hope this guide has been able to help you find the perfect earrings. Make sure to check out our entire earrings collection here in sterling silver in which I’m confident that you’ll just what you’re looking for. If you have any questions you can always write to me on the chat or email.


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