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A True Story Written by a Long Time Customer

Abelstedt bracelets and rings

I am about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be well rewarded.

Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve thrown out my entire box of jewelry when I discovered this. Well, not literally thrown out. I gave it to my local charity shop. Every ring. Every necklace. You name it. And I owned A LOT of jewelry collected over many years.

If you’re a girl, you know how big such a decision can be. Jewelry is very personal and emotional. But if you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.

One evening, I was sad at home. Sad for no apparent reason. Just one of those situations where you don’t feel like doing anything or seeing anyone. Where you just want to sit alone, eat chocolate, and put on a cheesy love movie. My guess is that you know exactly what I talk about. Right?

Anyways, that evening my best girlfriend Mia facetimed me just after I had slipped into my pyjamas. She seemed really excited about a pair of earrings she just had ordered online. I started to get excited as well because if there’s one friend of mine who knows good products, it’s Mia.. for sure.

“It’s so incredible,” she said. “I found my favorite jewelry brand last night when Mark (her new girlfriend) surprised me with the most gorgeous bracelet I have ever seen. I was so thrilled that I ordered matching earrings the minute I came home.

“That’s so nice and sweet!” I said. “Really your new favorite? I know you’re a sucker for shiny objects but what could be so incredible about another jewelry brand?”

Mia continued, “It literally takes your breath away. I felt renewed and desirable in a whole different way when Mark put the bracelet on my wrist. Everyone around us was looking at me and it made my new dress glimmer. It was just so dreamy.”

While we were talking, I headed to the Abelstedt online store to look around. And I could for sure see why Mia felt that way. We are both very feminine girls. You know, dress-wearing feminine. And Abelstedt fit that hand in glove. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t encountered such stunning jewelry designs before. And the price seemed fantastic for it being all precious metals.

I ended up adding 5 items to my basket. I usually do that when I shop around online but then come to my senses later. You know what I mean, right?

So, I ended up ordering a silver ring with a large center crystal encircled by many small crystals in a halo that I could sit aside my other (many) rings.

Two days later when I received my package and stood there with it in my hands, I felt a rush of excitement. The ring came in a big package sealed with a cute Abelstedt stamp on the outside. I remember thinking it funny that such a small ring came in such a big package.

But, I quickly found out why because unboxing it turned out to be an adventure in itself.

The first thing I encountered was a cute little folder in rough paper stamped with a gold Abelstedt logo that held my receipt nicely tucked in. Really cute. And beneath that I pulled up another sweet paper bag to carry around my jewelry. It was white, and written on it (also in gold) was: “Life is about beautiful moments. Enjoy this one”. As you can probably tell, that did not make me any less excited about the content of the package I was about to unbox.

What I saw next was nothing but a whole bunch of little protective white “pillows” filling out the rest of the package. Very mysterious. I knew what was hidden beneath them but the idea that I had to find it myself was just brilliant. And with the memory of Mia’s love for her new bracelet, I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The royal blue Abelstedt ring box with a sweet little white bow (I knew that because I saw it on the website) was all the way at the bottom of the package.

And when I pulled it out it was just as I imagined. I opened the box immediately and in it was my new, absolutely stunning ring. It stood up in the box. I’m not kidding. I was held up by a clip in the box’s soft, beige interior.

When I slid the ring onto my ring finger, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I kept taking it off and putting it on to see if my imagination was playing tricks on me. But it lit up my whole hand. The light literally danced in the center stone and the silver was glowing. I kept looking at my Abelstedt ring and then my other (rather expensive) rings to compare them. They didn’t compare. They looked dull. And cheap. It was amazing.

To tell you EXACTLY how I felt, I want to use the words: renewed and desirable. I want my jewelry to reflect who I am as a person. I want it to reflect clarity, durability and longevity. None of my other rings gave me such feelings. My new Abelstedt ring did. And did so in an instant.

Needless to say, my friend Mia never lets me down. She knows the best products! And she was right on again.

So like Mia, I also wanted something to match my new ring. Now all the jewelry on Abelstedt’s website suddenly seemed within arm’s reach. The great prices made it so.

I ordered a simple silver band ring with stones all around to sit aside my other ring. It was so cute. And with it I got myself a pair of halo earrings, also in silver, to match.

Yes, women no longer wait for men to buy them jewelry! Am I right?

Without disappointment, these new items gave me the exact same breathtaking experience as the first purchase and Abelstedt became my favorite jewelry brand right away.

Abelstedt jewelry is designed personally by the founder Julie Abelstedt which is this pretty, energetic, and charismatic girl from Copenhagen. She founded the brand in 2015 and has perfected her craft ever since.

I started following her work for the next maybe half a year and became ever more impressed by her. Finally, I couldn’t help but reach out to her personally.

Usually when you buy either clothes or jewelry, the “brand new” feeling starts to wear off already within the first week. It starts looking like your other possessions and you begin looking for your next shopping target. You know what I mean, right? Well, my Abelstedt jewelry was nothing like that. They kept their shine and I felt renewed every morning I put them on. I still do. So, I wanted to find out what Julie and the Abelstedt company did that made Abelstedt jewelry so fantastic.

Julie got back to me with the sweetest reply in which she explained the difference of the durability from other silver jewelry brands. I’ll try to explain the things I remember as good as I can.

The silver jewelry is of solid silver and is plated with rhodium while the gold-plated silver jewelry is plated with 18 karat gold. The plating done is extremely thick of 10 micron. I have heard around and this is the thickest, most durable plating I’ve heard of yet.

Nevertheless, it didn’t not fully explain how my jewelry kept looking so new after several months (now years) wear. But then Julie introduced me to something called electrocoating which is a very high-tech process that gives the jewelry a protective shield. No shortcuts where taken.

And, each single stone (either crystal, diamond, or sapphire) is carefully set in the different prongs by hand to ensure durability. Every single one! You can check for yourself: Abelstedt uses A LOT of stones. This means every piece is uniquely finished by hand.

I’m only getting the gist of the process here. It’s all very technical. So technical that you can be rest assured that pretty much no-one can create such stunning jewelry anywhere but Abelstedt’s unique workshop in Hong Kong.

Needless to say, I walked away totally blown away by what Julie had told me. I loved my Abelstedt jewelry before but I became a fan for life after.

This all happened 2 years ago. I’m now at my 10th piece (and counting). Mia is on her 6th, but she borrows mine! We both get compliments on our jewelry all the time.

And this is when I decided to donate all my other jewelry at home to my local charity shop. I didn’t wear any of it anymore. I couldn’t match any of it without creating a bad-looking contrast to my outfit. Sorry old bling.

Abelstedt is my favorite jewelry brand and Julie is my favorite designer. Period. And from what I’ve personally witnessed, once you put on one of their pieces, there’s no way it will not be yours as well.

I urge you to get your next jewelry piece from Abelstedt. The first unboxing of your order (or if given to you as a gift) is going to be a magical experience you won’t forget.

You deserve it.

– Written by a trusted Abelstedt customer for two years.

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